My Photography

By day I masquerade as a common office worker, by night my alter ego: Ninja/Goonie adventurer comes out and dabbles in Photography. My main areas of photography interest are: shooting landscape, closeup, and still life subjects. I would like to expand in to capturing photo’s of people in more candid poses without posing them for the shot. I primarily shoot with Canon gear and have adopted their system.

I struggle with capturing people pictures because posing people is complex, and often makes the subject look foolish which diminishes the impact of the image and the satisfaction of the viewer. Thus I hesitate to take them, although I am anxious to learn more and expand my knowledge.

I currently utilize Adobe Lightroom CC to edit my images. I find that it allows for a streamlined workflow, from importing my pictures easily, as well as offering simple interface for editing exposure, color correction and adding effects. It also works very easily with keywording, GPS coordinates, organizing and sorting, as well as exporting to files, publishing and printing. I will occasionally use Photoshop CC for more advanced modifications and touching up of blemishes, but I find it to be a little heavy handed and difficult to use for most photographic editing.

My Gear

How I Edit

2017 15″ Retina Macbook Pro – 3.1ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD
Late 2012 Mac Mini Server 2.3ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 2x1TB HDD
Dual LG 5k Ultra Fine Displays
iPad Pro 13″ with Apple Pencil
iPad Pro 10.5″ with Apple Pencil
12 TB Pegasus ThunderBold RAID

Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Nik Software – Silver EFX
SLR Lounge Preset System
VSCO Preset Systems 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Crashplan Backup Service
Backblaze Backup Service

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